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Jack-up Simulator course - Course fees 2023 / Marine Operations of Self Elevating Platforms

4-day Jack-up Rig Move simulator course (Marine Operations of Self Elevating Platforms) - This Marine Operations Rig Move course will introduce participants to the theoretical and practical operations for safely moving a Jack-Up unit from one location to another. / 4-day course. – Theory / Rig Move Simulator - Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Target Audience:

Assistant and Senior Barge Supervisors / Barge Captains / Barge Engineers, Offshore Consultants, and Jack-up rig operators (management).


Captain Chris Baker – Experienced Rig Mover and Marine Warranty Surveyor having performed hundreds of rig moves on behalf of many of the Major Drilling Companies. Certified Master Mariner / Offshore Installation Manager with over 30 years’ experience as Master of ships, drill ships, semi-submersibles, and Jack-ups.

Seaway Academy is an approved Training Center by more Maritime Authorities than any other Training Center in the Industry.

To view course dates and to register for training go to the following link -


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