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MODU Stability
Deckhand Training Manual
Book Sales

Our publications are published and shipped from Thailand by Seaway Maritime Services Co., Ltd.

“MODU Stability & Management" (ISBN 978-6164135260) meets all STCW requirements listed under the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Resolution A.1079(28) - MODU Stability - for the training of OIM, Barge Supervisor, Ballast Control Operator.

It takes approximately 12 to 15 hours to read through the book and watch all the online calculations on video (238 pages / 77 calculations). Comprehensive and easy to understand.

Considered by many in the Industry to be the "go to book" for Oil Rig Stability. 

“Deckhand Training Manual for Offshore Oilfield Vessels" (ISBN 978-6164135253) is available as an onboard training manual to be completed by the deckhand and signed off on within 60 days. This is a very good resource for new hires or as a refresher for deckhands returning to the industry.

The books you will see in the Links below are selected by Seaway Academy for your convenience, in order for you to easily find some of the best Maritime books used in the industry. Seaway Academy does not profit from these books sales.

A very good selection of marine navigation books that will be beneficial for your studies towards a Navigation Officer.

A very good selection of marine engineering books that will be beneficial for your studies towards a Marine Engineer.

An excellent source of books for Offshore Drilling Operations and Procedures.

A great selection of maritime books that will complement a ship's library or home library, written by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

A nice selection of Nautical Gifts and tools any Mariner would enjoy having.

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