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Comprehensive Stability (online training)

The course is also referred to as Stability and Ballast Control for MODU (Stability 2) and is the prerequisite course to obtain an OIM license. This is also the Stability course required for Drilling Companies 5 year Training Matrix and for renewing a BCO license.

Comprehensive Stability

Training material provided: (This is an online Tutor assisted Training Course)

  • Training Manual - “MODU Stability & Management" (ISBN 978-6164135260)

  • Pwr Point presentations for Training Manual chapters

  • Website Training Access: Online training videos (77) – all calculations from your Training Manual are available for you to view. This includes all examples in the chapters as well as all calculations at the end of the chapters

  • Website Training Access: Theory videos associated with the chapters are also available to view

STCW / IMO - Comprehensive
Stability for OIM, BS, BCO
(Online Training) 

Comprehensive Stability - course is delivered as per the regulations of 46 CFR 11.470 and meets all requirements listed under the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Resolution A.1079(28), and STCW Convention Regulations I/10 & I/02 - MODU Stability - for the training of OIM, Barge Supervisor, Ballast Control Operator (OIM / BS / BCO). 

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$1,995 USD

To view sample Stability training calculations click on the link below...

This training course is delivered online (eLearning)

The student will initially receive an email welcoming them to the course and will be given instructions on how the course will proceed.

They will be instructed to start their training by refreshing their math (algebra and trigonometry) before beginning the course training by going to the following link on the Seaway Academy website; They will be instructed on how to log into the online training videos on the Seaway Academy website;

Course timetable:

Since this is an online course the student will proceed with the training at their own pace and time schedule, although the following schedule will be recommended:

  • Day 1 – Chapters 1 – 3 (read the chapters / answer the questions / watch the videos – approximately 4 hours)

  • Day 2 – Chapters 4 – 6 (read the chapters / answer the questions / watch the videos – approximately 4 hours)

  • Day 3 – Chapters 7 – 9 (read the chapters / answer the questions / watch the videos – approximately 4 hours)

  • Day 4 – Chapters 10 – 12 (read the chapters / answer the questions / watch the videos – approximately 4 hours)

  • Day 5 – Chapters 13 – 15 (read the chapters / answer the questions / watch the videos – approximately 4 hours)

  • Day 6 – Review chapters 1 – 15 (watch the pwr/point slide shows and theory videos for the chapters / answer the Practice Questions and Calculations (pg. 183) (approximately 8 hours)

  • Day 7 – Written assessment (1 – 3 hours)

  • Total time to complete the online training, excluding time spent with their tutor is approximately 28 hours; plus completion of written assessment (1 to 3 hours).


  • Computer or tablet (HDMI cable to connect computer to a TV for watching the pwr point presentations and online training videos – recommended but not necessary)

  • Access to the internet

  • Scientific calculator

  • Pen / pencil / paper

Resources for Delivery:

This training course is delivered online (eLearning).

Student is required to have an internet connection in order to complete the course. It is also recommended the student have an HDMI cable to connect their computer to their TV for watching the pwr point presentations and online training videos.  It is not necessary but presents a better learning environment if viewing on a large screen TV as opposed to their laptop or tablets. They will receive by email all the materials necessary to complete the course. Training material is as follows:

  • Text book – “MODU Stability & Management" (ISBN 978-6164135260)

  • Power Point presentations for each chapter in the training manual

  • Directions on preparing for the training (Algebra & Trigonometry refresher available on the Seaway Academy website)

  • Directions on how to proceed with the training (suggested time frame to cover chapters, etc.)

  • Directions on how to access the 77 training videos associated with the course on the Seaway Academy website (login info), as well as the theory videos associated with the chapters in the Training Manual.

  • Contact email, skype address, and phone number (WhatsApp / Line) for their tutor

Final assessment:

Upon completion of the course there will be a final assessment consisting of 20 questions.  These questions will consist of mostly mathematical stability calculations along with some theory questions.  The theory questions will be multiple choice. The pass mark is 70%.

The assessment will be completed online with Captain Wright. Instructions on requirements to complete the assessment online will be provided when you begin the training course. You will require two devices with cameras connected to the internet to complete the assessment. ie. Computer plus (smart phone, tablet or another computer). Two cameras will be on you at all times during the assessment.


Before sitting for your assessment, you are required to provide a copy of your passport to Seaway Academy (

Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the training.  A copy of the original certificate will be sent to you by email within 24 hours of the assessment being completed.

Records of Certificates will be maintained by Seaway Maritime Services at their place of business in Thailand.

Lost Certificates can be replaced for an administration fee by providing a copy of your passport along with a signed request letter.

Meet your Instructor

Captain David Wright

Canadian Master Mariner and an STCW Certified Instructor and Examiner with Transport Canada (TC), Maritime and Coastguard Agency - UK (MCA), United States Coast Guard (USCG), Bahamas, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu and the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). Additionally, a College graduate of both Business and Education.

Worked as Master on several offshore supply vessels (AHTS & PSV) throughout the world and as Master on Drill Ships and Jack-up Oil Rigs.  MODU experience also included working as a C/O on a Semi-submersible oil rig.  17+ years’ experience as Master on various types of vessels.

Lectured for six years at the Nova Scotia Nautical Institute, Canada, delivering Ship Stability and several other courses related to Marine Officer Certification; also taught MODU Comprehensive Stability globally over a four year period as the Marine Training Supervisor with Transocean Offshore Drilling in their training centers throughout the world.

Author and publisher of "MODU Stability & Management" (ISBN 978-6164135260).

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