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MODU Stabilitu Online Training

MODU Online Training

Access to Online Training is for registered students

Welcome to online training for Comprehensive Stability and Ballast Control Operator. If you require a refresher in algebra and trigonometry before beginning the course, please proceed to the online training videos (link below) for algebra and trigonometry.

Please Login to access online training for Comprehensive Stability and Ballast Control Operator. When requesting access please use the same email address used to purchase the training material. If you would like to use a different email address please contact us before requesting access.

Stability and Ballast Control for
Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
(Online Training)

“MODU Stability & Management” was developed to be utilized for;

(a) Instructor assisted training purposes in the classroom

(b) As a self-study course to prepare students for industry standard training requirements

(c) Periodic self-study refresher training

“MODU Stability & Management”

(ISBN 978-6164135260) meets all STCW requirements listed under the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Resolution A.1079(28) - MODU Stability - for the training of OIM, Barge Supervisor, Ballast Control Operator.

Algebra & Trigonometry


(Online Training)

Algebra / Trigonometry 
These training videos may be of assistance before attempting online training for "Stability and Ballast Control for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units" 

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Sample Calculations
Stability and Ballast Control
(Online Training)
Sample calculations

Sample calculations

Watch Now

To view samples of the 77 online training videos available for MODU Stability on the website; please select a video from the menu window.

MODU Stability / Sample Calculations
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