Marine Operations of Self Elevating Platforms


5 day course - 3 days Theory / 2 days Simulator



  • Description and History of Jack-Ups       

  • Construction Standards

  • Class, IACS, Insurance   

  • IMO Resolutions / Regulations / Certification      

  • Construction and Design             

  • Drilling Terminology      

  • Leg Types          

  • Rack Phase Difference (RPD) / Seabed   

  • Comparison of Three Corded Leg Vs Four Corded Leg      

  • Types of Jacking Systems            

  • Spud Cans / Leg Footings            

  • Marine Operations        

  • Operations Manual       

  • Emergency Procedures / Safety 

  • Types of Rig Move – Dry Tow, Wet Tow, Self-Propelled (DP)        

  • Dynamic Positioning (DP)           

  • The Rig Move Process   

  • Seabed Survey 

  • Pre-Loading – Why It’s So Important      

  • Rigmove Risk Assessments         

  • Marine Warranty Survey            

  • MOU Stability   

  • Meteorology

  • Appendix I:  Terms / Definitions

  • Appendix II: IMO Resolution: A-28-Res.1079 - Recommendations for the Training / Certification of Personnel on MOUs

Marine Operations of Self Elevating Platforms

Course scheduling at our Bangkok, Thailand Training Center will be available as soon as the Travel Restrictions are lifted.

The Training Course is also offered as Mobile Group Training for Companies at their location Globally.

This is a Basic to Intermediate Level course and will introduce participants to the theoretical and practical operations for safely moving a Jack-Up unit from one location to another.

5-day course - 3 days of Theory followed by a 2-day Simulator component enabling the student to experience and practice in real time, issues that can occur during Jacking operations. Several exercises will be simulated during 2 days, demonstrating Rig Move and Jacking Operations in real time. (Projected views include: Jacking Control Panel / Anchor Winch Panel / Ballast - Pre-Load Panel / Bow Leg / Stern Legs / Subsea and Helicopter view).

If you are interested in this course please contact Captain David Wright at:

Simulation Day 1:

  1. Exercise: Start up and get familiar with the Jacking Control and Stability Ballast Control panels (find the limits and alarm settings by pushing the buttons)

  2. Exercise: Complete a simple Rig Move (3 tugs) and Jacking Operation (Hard Soil)

  3. Exercise: Complete simple Preload Operation and Jacking Down / Pulling Legs on Buoyancy only

  4. Exercise: Jacking Operation with Different Soils / Soft Clay (Various Penetrations) no RPD's

Simulation Day 2:

  1. Exercise: Jacking Operation - Preloading with Different Soils / Soft Clay (Various Penetrations) / RPD's / Stomping

  2. Exercise: Pulling Stuck Legs / Over-Draught Buoyancy / Jetting 

  3. Exercise: Complete Rig Move - Jacking Operations / Rapid Penetration / Various Penetrations

  4. Exercise: Rig Move - Towing Operations with Tugs / 4 Anchor Spread with Jacking Operations / Punch Through