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Advanced Rig Mover training - simulator training utilizing state of the art 3D simulation software

Rig Mover - Seaway Academy offers advanced Rig Mover Simulator Training at their Thailand Training Center. If you currently work as a Rig Mover or plan to become a Rig Mover this course will be a benefit for you and your job.

Seaway Academy uses state of the art 3D software for rig move simulations for both our MOSEP and Rig Mover courses. This Advanced Rig Mover course will enable participants to understand and practice with the use of a simulator, the theoretical and practical operations for safely moving an Oil Rig from one location to another. 

Several practical simulations will be carried out throughout the course, enabling the student to experience and practice in real time, issues that can occur during rig move operations. Simulation exercises will be performed for both Jack-up rigs and Floaters, utilizing multiple tugs and anchor operations.

For Jack-up rig move operation simulations will include: preloading, jacking, punch through, approaching open water locations and alongside fixed jackets, running anchors and winching in alongside a jacket, etc.

For Semi Submersible rig move operations simulations will include: approaching location, maneuvering with the use of multiple tugs, running anchors, etc.

Our Instructor is a licensed Captain / OIM and is a very experienced Rig Mover having performed hundreds of rig moves on behalf of many of the major Drilling Contractors.

For information and course dates, please go to our website or send us an email.


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