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Seaway Academy's Online Training Enables Rig Crew Worldwide Access to Training - Travel Restrictions

Seaway Academy's Flag-state approved Online Training has enabled many in the Industry World Wide over the past 2 years of Covid travel restrictions to keep their Certification and Licensing up-to-date. Our Bangkok Training Center remains closed because of the Thailand Gov't Covid-19 travel restrictions. This is due to most of our clients being international students, therefore unable to attend classroom training with the current travel restrictions.

Although other countries are dropping the Covid travel restrictions that would enable us to reopen the Training Center, Thailand has no end in sight. Looking forward to the day when this crisis is behind us and we are able to return to our Bangkok Training Center to provide classroom training.

The following courses are Flag-state approved for both Classroom and Online Training. Seaway Academy certificates are transferrable to a CoC License for: Bahamas, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Panama, Vanuatu and other Countries who issue CoC License's for MOU.

- Offshore Installation Manger (OIM) - Comprehensive Stability (OIM, BS. BCO) - Ballast Control Operator (BCO) - Barge Supervisor (BS)

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