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Seaway Academy - Two Online Flag-State Approved Options for STCW / IMO Comprehensive Stability Train

STCW / IMO Comprehensive Stability (OIM, BS, BCO). With restrictions on travel and many in self quarantine, you are able to complete your Stability Training safely at home or while in quarantine waiting to go offshore. Seaway Academy now has two Flag-State approved options for Comprehensive Stability training. Click on the links below to view course schedules.

(1) Online / eLearning (tutor assisted) - Comprehensive Stability (OIM, BS, BCO)

(2) Virtual Online Training – Comprehensive Stability (OIM, BS, BCO)

Comprehensive Stability (also referred to as Stability & Ballast Control for MODU / or Stability II) is one of the courses required to obtain an OIM license, and also the Stability course required for Drilling Companies 5-year Training Matrix.

This course is normally a classroom training course and the Flag Administrations have approved it for (1) Online / eLearning (self study - tutor assisted), as well as (2) Virtual Online Training (Virtual Classroom), until travel restrictions are lifted. This is a unique opportunity to obtain your training without the added expenses of travel. To view more information on these and other courses go to:

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