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Seaway Academy to provide "Virtual Online Training" for the following courses: Comprehensi

With restrictions on travel / social distancing you are now able to complete your Training safely at home, with Seaway Academy’s approved “Virtual Online Training”. Your training will be online and your Training Manual will be sent to you by Courier.

With the software utilized Seaway Academy is able to replicate their classroom training, with Online Virtual Training. This will enable students to stay current with their training requirements, while remaining safe at home, and receive the same quality training they would receive at our Bangkok Training Center. Upon successful completion you will receive the same Flag-State approved STCW / IMO Certificate as you would if you attended training at our Bangkok Training Center.

The scheduling will be set up to accommodate students in different time zones. Course scheduling will vary with a start time of (0800 - Bangkok Time) for students from parts of Asia, Australia and New Zealand / and a start time of (1300 - Bangkok Time) for students from parts of Asia, Middle East and Europe.

To view course schedules, and to register for a course, please go to:

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