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“MODU Stability & Management" (ISBN 978-6164135260) meets all STCW requirements listed under the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Resolution A.1079(28) - MODU Stability - for the training of OIM, Barge Supervisor, Ballast Control Operator.

MODU Stability & Management
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It takes approximately 12 to 15 hours to read through the book and watch all the online calculations on video (238 pages / 77 calculations). Comprehensive and easy to understand.

Considered by many in the Industry to be the "go to book" for Oil Rig Stability. 

Deckhand Training Manual
Offshore Oilfield Vessels
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“Deckhand Training Manual for Offshore Oilfield Vessels" (ISBN 978-6164135253) is available as an onboard training manual to be completed by the deckhand and signed off on within 60 days. This is a very good resource for new hires or as a refresher for deckhands returning to the industry.

Syllabus / OIM

Syllabus / Barge Supervisor

Syllabus / Ballast Control Operator

A very good selection of marine navigation books that will be beneficial for your studies towards a Navigation Officer 

A very good selection of marine engineering books that will be beneficial for your studies towards a Marine Engineer.

An excellent source of books for Offshore Drilling Operations and Procedures.

A great selection of maritime books that will complement a ship's library or home library, written by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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